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It’s Deadline Day – that means today is your final chance to enroll in the Surge.

If you have not signed up yet, you’re probably on the fence.

I want to help make the decision easier, I’m letting you DECIDE which EXTRA bonus you want to receive when you enroll.

How this works:

* Step 1: Choose from the 5 ADDITIONAL bonuses below…

* Step 2: Pick the one you want…

* Step 3:Go to the order form and enroll.

As soon as you have done that, just send an email by reply to the confirmation of enrollment email you will instantly get – and then tell us which bonus you picked!


Ok,here are the 5 bonuses you can choose from:


1.x 2 “one-on-one” coaching calls with me – we can talk high-level strategy and map out how your business will look in the next 12 months….

2.x 1 FREE TICKET to a two-day Mastermind Event that I hold throughout the year.

3.Free Tech Implementation Bundle: Get your Facebook ads set up, your website fixed, your nurture system evaluated, release the breaks on your email deliverability and get a mini course on how to win with Google. 

4.Sales Training Mastery: Get a 2-hour private coaching session with my CEO and head of sales Tom “The Sales Guy” Leonardis to discuss how you can jack up your conversion rates. 

5.Get my Email Swipe File with over 25 pre-written emails, PLUS, my Annual Planning Document.


Choose the one that works best for you…

Go the order form NOW and enroll while we still have seats left…

…then reply to the confirmation email telling us which ADDITIONAL BONUS you want, and we’ll arrange it for you.

Enroll here.

Then tell us which one of these 5 bonuses you want.



P.S HIT REPLY if you have any questions about the bonuses or the program…

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