10 reasons why gym owners struggle

One of the many talks I prepared for this past Mastermind weekend was the 10 reasons why gym owners really struggle in business. 

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One of the 10 reasons was titled “No second voice in their conversations.” 

Meaning they had no one else to speak to about their business except themselves…and their inner voice…which can be dangerous.

My group has each other, myself, and the SPF Mastermind team as counsel so the lesson for them was more about using it versus having it available.

But for some of you that have no business coach, Mastermind, or business outlet…you go at it all on your own…which is commendable.

Not having a second voice in the conversation about what’s going on in your business leaves you with one option…

…To have that conversation with yourself

That conversation is going to happen either way and the benefits of a second voice, a fresh perspective and simply an outlet is an investment all successful business owners I know personally…seem to make.

My cousin sold his business for 100 million dollars a few years ago…as smart as he was, he always had a second voice in his business conversations.

Tony Robbins has all kinds of business coaches.

Michael Jordan had a shooting coach.

Tiger Woods had a swing coach.

All for the reason to take the conversation away from them and their inner voice….and move to another place where they can see things from a different perspective.

Here’s why this is so important: 

Your brain is like a vacuum cleaner.

When the bag gets too full, it never works as well as it could.

It works better when the bag is emptied. 

Having business conversations with yourself is just like using a vacuum cleaner that has a full bag.

Unless you’re a VERY decisive person, these thoughts tend to swirl around in your head…which causes lots of stress, anxiety, and a clouded mind. 

So, if you’re looking to have a better business…a business that comes with less struggling and more clarity…

…Consider bringing a second voice into your conversations.

Vince Gabriele 

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