11 Devastating Fears Gym Owners Have

In my time coaching gym owners here are the things I’m hearing that are keep them up at night. 

Take a look and see if any of these ring a bell…

  1. Running Out Of Cash
  2. Seeing the lowest number in your checking account
  3. Someone gets the virus at your gym
  4. You Go into Debt or increase your current debt
  5. All your trainers leave to go on unemployment
  6. Falling behind on the rent
  7. Your State going back into lockdown
  8. Your clients freeze or terminate their membership
  9. Running the business under the radar and getting caught
  10. ​Your competitor down the street is well funded and is spending a ton on marketing right now
  11. Lack of clarity on what direction to take with the business (on-line vs off-line)

Here’s the thing with this list. 

Some of them are out of your control. 

The ones that are out of your control should be crossed off the list. 

Write them down on a piece of paper…and then burn it. 

You have too many things to keep you up at night right now. 

Stop worrying about if your state goes back into lockdown in the fall. 

Instead, write out a plan for what you will do if that happens….then put it to bed. 

That’s called productive paranoia and it will make you feel good and more in control.l 

Don’t let the things you have no control over take up your headspace.


It gets in the way of the things on this list that you CAN control 

If running out of cash is your biggest fear, that is under your control. 

You can minimize expenses, pay less rent, downsize staff. 


You can ring the register with a re-activation campaign. 

We recently ran one at my gym and many of my SPF Mastermind members have followed suit.

People ARE spending money right now. 

They may be a little harder to find and the sales cycle may be a little longer but there are buyers out there…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I won’t sugar coat this and say you should be grateful and happy for this pandemic and be happy your alive (although gratitude will melt many of your fears away).

This situation sucks. 

It’s going to suck a lot worse if you keep worrying about the stuff you cannot control.

Vince Gabriele 

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