13 Hidden Goldmines

Straight to the point today.

The hidden goldmine we all sit on is our lists…

Specifically, these lists: 

  • Unconverted leads
  • Unconverted trial member
  • Former members
  • Members on hold
  • The list of birthdays
  • The list of anniversaries
  • The list of physical mailing addresses
  • The list of phone numbers
  • The list of emails 
  • Our list of joint venture relationships
  • The list of your top 20 spenders
  • The list of all the 1x/week people that need to become    3x/week people
  • The list of all the possible people that would spend 5x more than what they’re currently spending…if you asked them to
  • The list of all the clients that moved out of town that would do your virtual option

These lists are money.

But we don’t treat them like money.

We don’t organize them properly.

We don’t have efficient systems around them.

We don’t communicate how important these lists are to our team.

We don’t use the lists enough.

We use the lists too much.

We try to sell to these lists without giving value.

When are gym owners going to wake up and realize how much more money they could make by making some better decisions (letter to yours truly).

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. Quite possibly…the most money making potential is your email newsletter list.  I’ll be doing a LIVE training about how to write money making emails on Thursday at noon EST for my private members group. 

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