2 Breakthrough Time Management Tips for Gym Owners

Your time is the ONLY resource you can never get back.

You can always lose money and make it back.

You can always replace lost members with new ones.

But, you can never get the time you lost back.

Knowing this pushed me to learn as much about time management as possible.

I have read countless books and attended seminars. I even had a time management consultant at one point in my career.

Here are 2 tips you can swipe:

1. Prep Your Day the Night Before

Whenever I struggle with my time it’s because I am unprepared. Planning what you are going to do the night before sets the tone for a good night’s sleep and a productive day.

I recently did a 66-day experiment. I filled out a worksheet I created at night before each day. This proved to be a great decision. My stress levels went down and productivity went up. I started and finished my second book, “The Ultimate Sales Guide for Gym Owners” during this time as well.

The worksheet had everything on it. It had my appointments for the next day, my workouts, what time I would get home to be with family, etc.

I am going to be gifting this worksheet to my Mastermind members this August. I know it will help their productivity skyrocket.

I will also be sharing this worksheet at my upcoming Mentorship.

2. Give Yourself an Hourly Rate

One way to force yourself to not waste time is to put a higher value on it.

If you value your time at $10 per hour than it’s easy to waste.

Push that number to $100 per hour. You’ll think long and hard about messing around on social media or mindless checking of emails.

It will also prevent you from doing lower value work. Work such as cleaning your gym or scheduling clients.

Having a higher value of your time will push you to delegate more. It drives you to find higher value activity for your business.

Hope this helps you value your time more.


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