3 Qualities of an Elite Gym Owner

I’m off this AM to work with my CEO Mastermind. 

The CEO mastermind is a select group of 10 gym owners that were in my SPF Mastermind.

They took on a challenge to go very deep with their business. 

These 10 gym owners are at the top of their game but still invest (quite heavily) time and money in their personal and business growth. 

I started thinking about these 10 gym owners and came up with a few common traits among them that make them so elite. 

  1. They are more Optimistic 

Each of them exude a special energy. Even when things are crappy for them, they have this mindset that leans much more toward the optimistic side. 

Most gym owners that are treading water lean to the pessimistic side. When things go bad, their mind goes to a sky is falling mentality.

In my observation of the 10 gym owners I’ll be meeting with today, they ALL have a very healthy dose of optimism. 

 A great read for people looking to get more optimistic is learned Optimism by Martin Selligman.

Yes, you can learn to be more optimistic.

 CEO Mastermind member T.J. Lopez is owner of AMP Fit and personal trainer to legendary NY Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia. 

T.J. has this down. Even when he goes through challenging times (like we all do) TJ gets through it much better and more effectively than most gym owners I see. 

This is a tool he used to help him build a super successful business by a very young age. 

  1. They have committed to being better business owners

CEO Mastermind member Anthony Belaquiva(spelling) was your typical 1-1 personal trainer at a big box gym for a very long long time. 

He opened AB Fitness and has what I consider one of the most profitable gyms I have ever seen. 

Anthony has hardly ever missed a weekly call or mastermind meeting and is constantly striving them become better at business. 

He asks tons of great questions and even now that he’s one of the best, he always keeps striving to make himself a better gym owner. 

Most of us are personal trainers turned business owners. 

Only the ones that that actually learn to be a better business owners will truly get the rewards of owning your own business. 

That reward is time.

If you want more free time, getting better at running your business is what you need to do.

You can make money as the trainer entrenched in the business but that money stops when you stop.

At that point, you have a glorified job, not a business.

A business is a tool to give you time to live the life you want.

It takes skill to run a business but you have the ability to get that skill. 

  1. They are willing to share the spotlight

Canada gym owner and CEO Mastermind member Erin Moraghon (Selling)(our resident first lady) runs a unique and pretty amazing gym called Revkor. 

Although she’s a spectacular gym owner she constantly is highlighting her team. 

She makes her team the stars and invests heavily in their education.

She doesn’t get nervous about over investing in her team, frankly it never probably occurred to her. 

She brings her manager Christie everywhere with her and even refers to her as Boss! Now that’s servant leadership!

When I get on discovery calls with gym owner that have been struggling the fear they all talk about is investing in team members and then having them leave. 

This is called running your business from your heels and will never build any type of trust among your team. 

Trust is base of success for all great teams and without letting go a bit yourself, you’ll never build a great team. 

If you want more time, you need great team members you trust. 

So there’s 3 qualities among super successful gym owners.

None of these 3 qualities are fixed. Meaning you can get better at them. 

Pick one and get cranking so you too can be considered an elite gym owner.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. If you like to chat with me about us considering you for a spot in the mastermind, please email me at Vince@gabrielefitness.com for more information.

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