3 Secret Profit Activators

3 years ago, my dad was in the hospital after a very bad stroke.

7 days later he went into heart failure.

The heart people said they needed to operate immediately.

The brain people said it was too risky because the stroke was just a few days ago.

They called on a man named Dr. Aubrey Gallaway to do the heart surgery. 

The nurses and brain doctors changed their tune about it being too risky.

Their line was:

“Oh, you got Gallaway?

First off, who do you know that got him on such short notice? … He normally has a 3 year waiting list for surgery!

He’s literally the best heart doctor on the planet.”

The way people were talking about him was equivalent to a high school football team hearing that Tom Brady was going to be their QB for their state championship.

Gallaway entered the room with such extreme authority simply based on all the whispering.

Never once did we check his credentials. 

Never once did we ask for references.

He calmly sat with us for 4 minutes, told us what he was going to do and went and did it. 

To give you a little perspective on the risk of this surgery…it was 20x more likely for him to die on the operating table than it was in normal conditions.

In this life and death situation,

We had no questions.

No objections.

Only thing we said was,

“When can you get started?”

The surgery was a success…Gallaway delivered.

With all the uncertainty in the world today, people are more careful with how they spend their money than ever before.

They are still spending money but they’re spending it on people and things they trust.

That is the key word for your marketing in 2021.


People will buy when trust is present.

I’m a firm believer in building authority in your community but that can take time.

I’m guessing you want to start making more money right now.

There’s a specific pocket of people that already trust you right now.

You know them.

They know you.

If they get in front of you…they’ll buy.

Today at Noon EST I’ll be teaching the members of the marketing master insiders club about maximizing the 3 R’s:

1. Referrals
2. Retention
3. Re-activation

This is a private call but you can join us when you sign up for 60 days for $1. 


I firmly believe these 3 concepts will be huge drivers of revenue and profit in 2021 because of the trust factor that’s already within these 3 concepts. 

Hope to see you today

Vince Gabriele 
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