3 Toughest Months for Gym Owners

Do you have a plan for how you will get new clients for June, July and August? Reason why I ask is I got a text yesterday from one of our senior members of the SPF Mastermind thanking me for the constant reminders to have a plan.  The summer months are the most crucial to have a clear-cut plan for how you will get new clients  If you need help with building a plan, click here. The reason is the summer months typically can be a little crazy. People go on vacation and many put their membership on hold.  This creates dips in revenue that need to be made up through other creative ways We had some great discussions about this and here are a few things you can do.  

  • Get the kids home from college training for the summer
  • Host a kids Fitness Camp
  • Create a very expensive All-Inclusive Membership option
  • Beef up or start a sports performance program 
  • Have a summer slim down challenge

 It doesn’t matter what you decide the real key is sitting down now and deciding what you are going to do.  Having a clear cut plan for how you will get new clients this summer will ease your mind, give you focus and ultimately put you in control of your business…instead of letting the unpredictable summer months control you  Vince P.S. A documented marketing plan is the secret sauce for having an awesome summer P.P.S Click Below to get on my schedule so I can help you map it out for FREE.  http://www.vincegabriele.com/marketing-strategy-call Plus, whenever you’re ready, here are 4 ways you can work with me.1.  Subscribe to the FBU Podcast We have about 50 episodes all loaded with actionable things you can use to grow your gym. Be sure to subscribe so you get updates when we record new episodes.  2.  Book a FREE 45 Minute Marketing Strategy Call  Click here to get the info and book it.  3.  Get on the early bird list for the next 6 Week New Client Surge Program Send an email to Zakkiya.VGF@gmail.com and tell her you want to lock in the early bird rate.  4.  Work with me 1-1  I take on a very small handful of private coaching clients a few times a year. If you need to go deep into building your business and work toward getting it to run without you, reply to this email with 1-1 in the subject.  

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