34 Covid Questions to Ask Yourself

Here’s a list of 34 questions to ask yourself at this point in the pandemic.

The good news is I’ll be covering a lot (obviously not all) on my webinar this Friday at Noon EST.

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1. How am I going to run an offline and on-line business at the same time?
2. How will I set up my gym to make people feel safe?
3. What do I do if my trainers don’t feel comfortable coming back even after we’re allowed?

4. How do I replace the revenue lost from tenants that are subleasing space in my gym?
5. What do I do if someone gets the virus at my gym?
6. What’s the plan if one of my team members gets it?
7. It seems like no one is buying anything these days, what should my marketing message be right now?
8. What do I do about the clients that realize they don’t even need the gym anymore and can stay home?
9. How do I compete with the Pelotons and P90X’s of the word that have massive marketing budgets?
10. What if people get sick and tired of the zoom workouts?
11. How will I be able to coach clients effectively and not even close to them?
12. What’s the plan if the PPP doesn’t come through?
13. What’s the plan if it does?
14. What if they limit us to having only 10 people in the gym at once and our capacity is cut by 75%?
15. Should I eliminate my large group entirely?
16. Do I keep small group ratios or make them smaller?
17. What can I do to be social distancing in the gym but still deliver a great experience?
18. What’s the plan if I need to lay trainers off and even more members quit because they loved that trainer?
19. What do I do about the clients that have beach houses and they are going to jet as soon as June comes?
20. How do I find the time to re-write all my sales scripts?
21. Should I reduce rates for people doing online? If yes, when?
22. What do I say on my website to reflect all the crazy changes that have happened?
23. How should I manage 2 marketing plans, one for on-line and one for offline?
24. How will clients react to having to wear masks during the sessions…and it is even safe?
25. What do I do if I cannot find the cleaning supplies I need?
26. Do I shut down the locker rooms?
27. What’s the right protocol to clean in between sessions and does this stuff really kill the virus?
28. What do I say to a client that wants to terminate because they lost their job?
29. What do I do when my cash flow gets to the point to where I can’t cover payroll?
30. Where do I store the thousands of dollars of cardio equipment that I need to remove from my gym?
31. How do I get the most out of my staff during this transition period?
32. Should I pay the full rent in June?
33. What do I do with the loyal staff members that need to work but I don’t have enough work for them?
34. How do I buy more equipment and cleaning supplies even if cash is tight?
It’s a daunting list but necessary work.

I’ll guide you through it this Friday.

Vince Gabriele

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