We are down to the final few spots left for the 6-Week New Client Surge Program. 

Secure one of the last spots here.

Because we couldn’t get around to everyone’s calls and questions before the initial deadline on Friday night – we decided to extend it and you can still sign up to join us, now that we’ve answered everyone’s questions. 

Enroll here.

You can choose to pay over 1, 3, 6 or even 10 monthly payments. 

Please choose whichever makes it possible for you to join the class – I don’t care which you choose, just make sure you join us and give yourself the best chance at more success and higher profits in 2021. 

Before we close down registration, please read this message. 

I ended the webinar last week with a quote. 

“Action Cures Fear”

Many of the people that have passed on the opportunity to join the Surge this time around have said, “I can’t afford it right now”. 

Of all the gym owners I’ve worked with, the biggest reason they’re not able to afford something like this is their lack of success with knowing what to do to drive cash when they need it most. 

Losing clients right now is inevitable. 

People are going on “HOLD” at record rates…. Many will never return. 

This is true for my gym too. 

Most cannot be stopped…it’s the hard truth of the matter. 

So, what do you do? 

Watch your business slowly slip away? 

No. You get busy. Marketing. 

Even with the pandemic right now, there are several gyms that have fought back and been able to find ways to make money. 

This comes back to 1 thing: 

You know what to do to drive cash when you need it most.

When I learned this skill…my business was transformed. 

In fact, when we we’re down 50% going into the month of July… I used this knowledge to drive $31,000+ in NEW revenue into our checking account. 

When I help other gym owners double their business from learning this… their lives were transformed with many of them thriving through this pandemic. 

Knowing how to drive cash solves a LOT of problems. 

When you have more money, you’ll have security and certainty for your future. 

The best testimonials I get are the ones where gym owners can take their families on vacation while their gym runs smoothly back home…this doesn’t happen unless they know how to drive cash. 

This fuels me every day to help gym owners master their ability to drive cash because I know the freedom does not come without it. 

I’d love to help you own this skill into your life within 6 weeks. 

Click here to grab one of the final spots.

Vince Gabriele

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