My Opinion on Covid-19…

With Covid heating back up, I have a little advice.

In March of 2020, you were hit with a very hard, surprise test…and there really were no answers to the test. 

You learned a lot about business, yourself, your staff, your community, money, and going through adversity. 

If you’re reading this you most likely passed the test. 

Today, you face another test(Covid Resurgence)

I see a lot of people panicking and it’s not necessary. 

We’ll probably get tested again.

But this time…

You’ve taken this test before.

You know the questions on the test.

You have the answers to the test…you just don’t know what order they’ll
be asked.

Everything you do in response to a resurgence will be a variation of what you did before 

So breathe easy….

Because the one thing we learned is we make better decisions when we
don’t freak out.

So don’t. 

Here’s what the majority of the members in the SPF Mastermind have

They learned the value of having cash in the bank…and have more now than they did in 2020.

They (with help from Covid) got rid of team members that were not
cultural fits and were inflating their payroll.

They know how to run their gym virtually.

They know the 3 step leadership process to take when shit hits the fan.

So in this case, they’re more prepared than ever. 

But don’t take my ‘breathe easy’ advice as to not pay attention or be prepared. 

In fact, one of my main teaching principles, when this thing hit, was to have productive paranoia.

Meaning, expect that stuff will happen…be ready to rock when it does…and have ZERO expectations for when it will end. 

I wrote this book to help gym owners to help navigate their gyms in a pandemic
My wish was that it would not be needed afterward.

That being said, this book is very important to read today in light of what’s brewing.

You can read it 100% free here.

…Just do me one favor…

…Forward this Email to another gym owner you know could use some

That’s my only ask, and I appreciate it.

Vince Gabriele

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