4 New Client Getting Ideas

Do you like Buckets of Money?

Here’s an idea I went over with the people that invested in the New Client Surge Program just yesterday.

I call it the 4 Follow-up Money Buckets.

These are the 4 groups of people you should have on your radar to be following up with consistently.

Unconverted Leads

These are people that inquired about your business but did not take action.

It may not be because they were a bad lead, it just probably means they’re not ready yet.

Too many times we think of these people as bad leads.  It is possible and having a way to find out if they’re worth pursuing is essential to not waste time (i.e., don’t chase someone that lives an hour away).

Unconverted Trial Members

These are people that either did a consultation or trained with you on an offer you had that did not continue.

We have had many people in this category at GFP and you would think since they tasted the food they would come back.

Could not be further and I went over with the Surge program yesterday some very specific things that need to be done to leave the line open for a second date.

Former Members

These are quite possibly your quickest way to get some super qualified new members paying you again. The only thing really standing in the way is a process to reach out to them consistently.

Business Genius, Jay Abraham, someone I have done private consulting with calls this group the “Prodigal Client”.

I’m guessing these people didn’t leave your business kicking and screaming at you. They left because life got in the way.

They’re waiting for you to call them.

Current Members on Hold

These are people you need to save and this is very easy to accomplish.

Most people do NOT enforce a 12-month contract (because we’re too nice).  This means anyone that goes on hold is a flight risk.

Having a policy that supports them while they are away is essential.

If they injured are you helping them with who they should see to get better?

If they are away, do you supply them with workouts and stay connected with them?

All these things matter.

To sum it up, there’s a bucket of money, 4 of them you’re actually sitting on.

Building this into a well-executed system is the only way to get this done.

Vince Gabriele

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