5 great books to read in 2022

Time to do some holiday shopping for yourself!

Here are 5 great book recommendations for you to put on your list in 2022.

I’m more excited about reading this year than ever…here’s why.

On Black Friday, I purchased an online speed reading course with a guy named Jim Quik, I do believe that’s his real name!

I’ve always been a slow reader but after posting my words per minute in the public forum, I was even slower than I thought!

Here’s the good news, after about 10 days my reading speed has more than doubled and it’s gotten me fired up to read a lot more this year. 

While I’m on my speed reading high…here’s a few to get in your library.

1. Be Like The Best…by Anthony Renna

Anthony is a friend and a fitness industry giant. The book features excerpts from some of the top fitness industry pros. 

It’s kind of like the Tim Ferriss book Tribe of mentors, but just features all fitness industry greats. On the list are guys like Mike Boyle, Gray Cook and Charlie Weingroff

I would like to add that yours truly (me) has a chapter in this book

2. Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading Part 4: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Guide to The Power of Beliefs in Business…By Ari Weinzweig

This is the 4th book in a business series that should be purchased by every person that owns a business.

Ari is the founder of Zingerman’s Deli, an 80 Million dollar food company that is my favorite business on the planet. 

To make this even better, there is a chapter in this book about the spirit of generosity and he talks about an exchange that he and I had several years ago when we first became friends. 

It was one of my greatest honors to be featured in such an incredible book like this. 

If you get it, be sure to check out the chapter that I’m featured in. 

3. ​​Unshakeable Gym…by “The Shameless” Vince Gabriele

I know, I know. 

But, here’s why I’m recommending this book 

You probably do not have the hard copy yet
It’s book about navigating a gym during a pandemic…last I checked, that’s still happening which makes this book more important than ever to read. 

4. Annihilate the Fear Transform Your life…By Cathy Balsamo 

This is an incredible book written by one of my clients at my Gym.

The book features her incredible journey of losing 82 pounds, transforming her life and becoming viral in her community. 

She and I co-authored the book and had a seminar together to launch it…packed house is an understatement.

This book will give you a ton of ideas on how you can be highlighting the success of your clients in a more creative way.

5. The Ultimate Success Mindset By Vince “Shameless again” Gabriele 

This is my first book and the reason why I share this one is because you probably have not written a book yet.

This book is simply a series of emails I wrote to my newsletter list about mindset, personal development and success. 

I wrote a weekly email for a few years, sent all the emails to an editor to turn into a book and like magic my first of 8 published books was written 

You most likely can do this right now too. 

So, could 2022 be your year to write your first book? 

Getting this book will fuel the fire.

Well, there it is. 

5 books for your list in 2022. 

Have a great holiday, I’ll be back Monday with a new podcast. 

Vince Gabriele 👍

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