5 Marketing Ideas to Use Right Now

Before we get into the 5 Ideas…
Today is the season opener to sign up for my 6 Week marketing Masterclass. 
We start on February 8th 

Every Wednesday we have gym owner marketing Show and Tell. 

It’s where my Mastermind members get the opportunity to brag about what going well. 

I select 3 members each week to present on a marketing idea that’s working…. NOW. 

Here are 5 of the most recent marketing Ideas…. literally straight from our what’s working now Mastermind calls… 

This is literally what is working RIGHT NOW: 

1.     Referral Contests: Brian Sipotz from Ann Arbor Michigan crushed this idea and has an influx of highly qualified new members. 
2.     Bark: George McGuire, from Washington is getting all the new clients he can handle from bidding on clients that submit their info to Bark. 

3.     SEO to an optimized website: Noam Tamir is taking over New York City, not an easy task, and has flood of leads coming through his website. His secret is you gotta pay to play but it works.  

4.     Re-activation Calls: Marlon Gomez from Body Mechanix in Northern CA, takes 3 days of the month and smiles and dials to his former member and gives them an offer they can’t refuse.  

5.     Staff Contests: The great Devin Gage has recently gotten 17 new clients from challenging his staff and entering them into a contest to see who could bring in the most NEW clients to sign contracts…. Brilliant! 

I could go on because there’s a lot more…  

But if you’d like to develop the marketing skills to make the kind of money these guys are making right now click here.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S This is the final week to register. I sure hope we can help you get these same results. 

P.P.S. The bottom line is this: Having the skill of marketing under your belt allows you to make money whenever you desire…even smack in the middle of a pandemic.

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