5 Step Testimonial Generator

You make think that a testimonial that says how awesome you are is a good thing.

It’s not that these kind of testimonials will hurt you, it’s just that it’s not as effective as the strategy I’m going to teach you today.

When you get testimonials like: 

“Tommy is the best trainer around”

You pretty much think that the person that wrote that is a fan of Tommy.

It’s fine but it’s not going to move someone down the buying line. 

Here’s the kind of testimonial that will: 

“Before training with Tommy, I was tired, fat and unhappy.” …After training with Tommy I have more energy than I know what do with, I had to buy an entire new wardrobe and I’m the happiest I’ve been in years.”

See the difference?

The first talks about Tommy.

The second tells the story about the transformation that someone had from working with Tommy. 

When they read the second one they can visualize themselves having that same success (pending the testimonial is from someone like them, which is another topic).

The secret is how to get these kinds of testimonials.

When people are left on their own to give you a testimonial, they will think they’re doing you a favor by saying how great you are.

Little do they know it’s not really helping you. 

So, there’s some guidance that needs to be done by you in order to get the testimonials that describe the transformation. 

Step 1: Ask them if they’ve be willing to help you out and share their experience 

Step 2: Interview them about their experience

Step 3: Use the 5 Key Questions that will bring out the story 

Step 4: Take their answers and arrange it in a testimonial for them

Step 5: Ask for their approval

That’s your recipe to get game changing testimonials

P.S. If your curious about the 5 Key Questions, that’s something I go over in my 6 Week New Client Surge, click here to get on the wait list.

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