90% of Business Problems

I have a mentor that always tells me 90% of business problems are people problems.

When you look deep into it, it’s pretty true.

As gym owners we like to blame things like a social media platform not working anymore, changes in the google algorithm, new competition or market saturation.

The fact of the matter is most issues we face tend to stem from something to do with someone on our team or…and possibly the biggest culprit…ourselves.

Let’s take a platform like Facebook ads.

A few years ago, when you ran ads, it just worked.

No super creative copy, no great images, just an offer for a 30-day challenge and the gym was full.

Now as you try to get it going again, nothing you used to do works.

So, we look at it as a marketing problem.

Here’s another take:

5 years ago you might have had a lot less going on in your life.

You had all the time and energy you needed to run and grow your gym.

But as the years have gone by and your business has grown, you’ve acquired more in your life.  

Maybe you’ve grown your team.

Possibly started a family and bought a home.

If you’ve grown, you have a lot more clients to deal with.

Maybe you’ve gotten into some extracurricular stuff you never had before.

Whatever it is, your life has gotten full.

Leaving less time, energy and headspace to navigate something like Facebook ads.

Years ago you used to tinker and just figure it out all day long on a Saturday.

Now, it’s a box you check.

So, where’s the issue?

Probably not with Facebook.

The issue is a people issue.

You have not put the right people in the right seats to help you solve these problems.

Maybe it’s someone to run your ads for you?

Maybe it’s hiring a marketing assistant?

Maybe it’s hiring another trainer to free up time?

Maybe it’s a new strategy altogether?

There’s 2 roads to take when you face problems in your business:

  1. Blame
  2. Responsibility

The blame road looks for something to become the culprit.

The responsibility road looks for the real issue.

One of the greatest business lessons I’ve ever learned was to separate the symptom from the root cause of the problem.

Getting good at identifying what the real issue is will usually lead you to a people issue.

Either with yourself or your team.

But here’s the hard part…

It’s very challenging to do this in your own business.

You need to acquire this skill and be able to ask the right questions.

But I’ve often found that hiring coaches and mentors to pull this stuff out of you is the most effective strategy.

My coach sees things I don’t see.

I do the same thing for the gym owners in my Mastermind.

Without that outside perspective things can get blurry, but at the end of the day…when you dig deep down you’ll find that most of your business problems are people problems.

Vince Gabriele

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