A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

After our Mastermind meeting two weeks ago, I sat in the lobby dead tired from 4 straight days of coaching gym owners.

I had enough energy to pick up a book in my backpack and randomly turned to a chapter in that book titled:

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Well, literally a few days later a crisis came into our world. 

As bad as it is right now, you cannot help but notice how many things you are learning about yourself, your team, your clients and your community. 

If you can stop for a second and notice, there are lessons to be learned. 

My advice is to get a notebook and title it Covid-19.

Record all the things that are happening, lessons you’ve learned, things that this event exposed about your business, things you want to change moving forward. 

But the take away point I want to make to you is this… 

Not every gym will survive this time.

But I believe the ones that do survive will become very successful.

Here’s why. Think about all the people cooped up in their homes, eating take out, no schedule, stress at an all-time high, kids at home, working from home, markets up and down.

This will blow over at some point, hopefully sooner than later.

All of those people will need a coach to help them get their health on track.

Think of that period like January x100.

They won’t want a gym membership.

They will want community, coaching, connection. I know that’s what you do best. 

Ride out this storm and the other side will be prosperous. 

Vince Gabriele

P.S. The more good you put out now, will come back to you 10-fold

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