A Decision That Will Increase His Monthly EFT by 8K


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Last week, 15 of my Mastermind members took planes, trains and automobiles to New Jersey to work ON their business.

My Mastermind meets 4x a year.  They always leave fired up and ready to crush the upcoming quarter.

One of the members that traveled all the way from Washington state sent me a text last night that said this:

“This is most valuable Mastermind I’ve been in.”

To leave your family and business for 3 days is tough, especially if you’re flying across the country.

But it’s not as tough to leave when break throughs like this happen:

One of our members got up in front of the room needing to increase his profitability.

His revenue was solid and had a large number of members but expenses were rising and he wanted to improve cash flow. 

I know the quickest way to improve cash flow is to raise your prices.  There is a ton of fear around this for gym owners. 

He had been back and forth about raising his prices for a few years but never could make the call. 

The end result of the meeting was him fully committing to raise his rates. We discussed it in length.  The end result of the meeting was him fully committing to raise his rates. 

He left that meeting with a decision that will increase his monthly EFT by 8K, without adding a single new member. 

He would NOT have made this hard decision without the guidance and support of a great group of people fighting the same fight. 

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