A Guaranteed New Client When Using This Law in Your Marketing

Imagine yourself standing outside a restaurant with your spouse and 3 children.

You’re looking at the menu and trying to decide if this is a good place eat.

You’re not sure if the place is even good, if they have kids food, you have lots of uncertainty.

If the restaurant guy comes out and says come on in, this place is great and perfect for kids, that will help, a little.

But here’s what needs to happen to make it a guaranteed cover for the restaurant.

As your standing outside, your friend from high school comes by with their 3 kids. They see you standing outside the restaurant contemplating.

Your friend goes on to say that place is awesome.

We went last week and had an amazing dinner. The food was great, it was perfect for the kids and the service was excellent.

It’s a no brainer.

This is the power of using social proof in your marketing.

It’s one of the 6 most influential laws of persuasion and most gyms do not scrape the surface with using it effectively.

People are much more influenced when people like them stand behind a product or service.

Social proof is also super effective when people are in positions of uncertainty and lack direction.

Well, that’s the majority of people that visit a personal trainer for help with their fitness.

Here are a few things you need to do to use social proof in your marketing:

  • Use testimonials both video and written
  • Share client stories
  • Share magic moments from your clients lives
  • Build a plan to get heaps of google, yelp and Facebook reviews.
  • Give your clients physical things to create omnipresence

All of these drive the power of social proof and this will bring more people to your door.Lucky for you guys I cover a ton of this in my 6 Week New Client Surge Program.
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