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If you’re satisfied with the number of members and the financial status at your gym right now, skip to the P.S. 

About a year ago, I had to turn away a few gym owners that really needed my help with their business.

They were working hard and doing a great job but needed the advice to get more clients and revamp their pricing structure…so they could start making more money.

They wanted to hire me but could not afford my 1-1 consulting fee, nor could they invest the $12,000 per year to join the SPF Mastermind.

Because I want to help as many gym owners as possible…I created a new program called the Marketing Masters Insiders Club

This was designed to be a more affordable business coaching option for gym owners that needed help getting more clients and making more money

I created it because this is usually the bottleneck of growth for gym owners.

Creating a marketing and pricing system that enables you to have an excess of money must come first 

Here’s why:

The true way to freedom as a gym owner is building a solid team that implements the systems you design. 

But if you never make enough money to be able to hire that team or create those systems…you’ll always be stuck working IN your business. 

So if getting more clients into the right pricing structure is on the docket for you, this will help get you on track.

You can get started for $1 here

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. If you have enough clients right now but just need help with learning to become the CEO of your gym…instead of the guy that wears all the hats… this puppy is for you

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