A Rare RANT From Me

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I’ve been on the phone lately with many frustrated gym owners.  

The frustration was from a Facebook marketing program they paid thousands of dollars for. 

None were happy with the results and many of them lost money, a lot of it.

The biggest problem is once that thing ended,  they had no clue what to do next.  

The thing they thought was going to be the savior for their business didn’t pan out. 

Now what?  

This is a problem.  

People are teaching you to rely on one ad, one funnel, and this causes you to ignore all other lead gen sources. 

I don’t think these programs are millicent but they handicap you from becoming what you really need, to be on control of your business.  

If you rely on an ad that someone else writes for you, rely on one offer, rely on their landing page, etc,.   

You become dependent on them, you have nowhere to turn except when it stops working (if it does at all).

It seems great at first, you can’t stand marketing and just want to run your gym and have someone else do all the lead gen.  

Massive Massive Mistake 

The most important advice I could ever give you is that you need to own the marketing for your business. 

I am not saying you should never hire someone to help you run your Facebook ads, in fact I recommend you do, but this is just one way to generate leads.  

Putting all the money you have into one Facebook marketing campaign and hoping for a Hail Mary, to me,  is ludicrous and short term thinking.  

 If you rely on a third party to do everything for you, you never learn.  

You never exercise the marketing muscle you need to become a strong, stable, long lasting business.  

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If you are a gym owner that does not want to control your own destiny, I’m not for you.

If you’re a gym owner that’s not interested in being in full control of the lead flow of your business, than I’m not your guy.  


If you want to own your destiny,

Want full control over the lead flow, 

You’re open to learning what you need to know to be in complete control of your marketing,

I am for you.  

My New Client Surge Program is exactly this is.   

It starts very soon (Dec 6th) and is close to sold out (10 spots left). 

The foundation is teaching you to build a predictable, reliable marketing strategy that gives your business multiple ways to generate leads. 

It’s not an ad for you to copy.

It’s not a one trick pony. 

It’s not something that stops working. 

The knowledge you’ll gain runs deep. 

The power you’ll get will turbo charge you and your business.

I will give you the marketing tools, resources and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.  

I’m not about feeding you a fish. 

I’m about teaching you HOW to fish so you are in control .  

You’ll get the certainty you need to have the gym of your dreams when you finish this 6-week program.  

If you want to control your own destiny. 

 If you want certainty that you completely own the success of your gym.  

Reply here.

We’ll schedule a call to talk about the New Client Surge Program.  


P.S. Not convinced? Take a look at what these guys had to say about working with me 



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