A Wickedly Effective Marketing Skill

Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

I just booked another amazing speaker for my Virtual Mastermind coming up in July.

She’s built a massive company on one principal, train people to tell better stories.

Here’s an example of the difference a good story and some facts.

 You should use social proof in your marketing because it’s the most powerful law of persuasion.


Setting: Irish Pub on a Tuesday night

A woman slumps onto an empty barstool and calls for a double on the rocks…let’s call her Jan.

The bartender senses something is up and strikes up a conversation.
The woman poured into the bartender about how upset she was that her relationship just ended.

The conversation moved to her talking about the fear of getting back in the dating game and not feeling comfortable with how her clothes fit or her appearance.

There was one other guy sitting at the bar, he was a personal trainer, let’s call him Dave.

Dave walked up to her and said…

“I don’t mean to pry but I’m a certified personal trainer and after hearing you tell your story to the bartender, I think I can help you.”

Dave goes on to talk about his program. 

You know what Jan is thinking, right?

But, she doesn’t want to be rude so she listens to his pitch.

Then a third person walks up to the trainer and the disgruntled woman…It’s one of her girlfriends, let’s call her Mary.

Mary greets Dave and Jan with a very confused face and says:

“Wait, How do you guys know each other?”

Dave and Jan both say: ‘We just met”.

Mary was a friend of Jan and a client of Dave!

Mary then went on and started heaping praise about working with Dave.

Mary said:

“OMG. Jan, after I got divorced, Dave got me in the best shape of my life. He’s the best personal trainer in our town, you should sign up and do whatever he says, you can thank me later”

Jan becomes a client of Dave.

Dave had very little chance of getting Jan as a client with his weak first attempt of taking about his program.

But his chances skyrockets when Mary showed up.

This is the power of using social proof in your marketing.

See the difference?

The fact without the story is just some information.

People are wired to tune into stories and most don’t use them enough in their marketing.

Take a look at some of the great stories you have developed over the years and start telling them to your prospects.

Learning how to tell a better story is priceless info every gym owner needs to know.

Vince Gabriele

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