angry wife

Should you be talking about your life in your emails or just giving content/info?

Well, in my experience the more personal it gets, the better the results will be…so, yes.

Your clients and prospects like being led behind the curtain of your life…

​Why? Because they’re fascinated by you.

​I’m sure they ask you all the time…

​What do YOU Eat for breakfast?

​What do YOU do when you workout?

​Give em what they want…and do it in a way that’s going to keep them engaged. 

Here’s one of the most responded to emails I’ve ever written…Some of the responses were controversial but that’s ok. 


​Subject: Angry Wife 

​Before reading, please know I asked permission from my wife before I emailed this,
​but I still expect to be in the dog house for a bit 🙂

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​I’d love to tell you that my wife is perfect, but I’d be lying.

​On the days Vanessa does NOT work out in the AM…

​…She gets mad at me when I turn on the blender for too long.

​…she yells at me for leaving clothes on the floor.

​….she gets impatient with the kids and just lets them watch TV.

​….she gives them unhealthy snacks because it’s just easier.

​But you know when none of these things happen?

​The days she goes to GFP for the 6 AM Small Group Personal training session.

​On these days, I can turn the blender on as long as I want.

​On these days, I can leave a huge mess and it doesn’t bother her one bit.

​These days, our kids rarely watch TV and eat carrots for their snack.

​On these days, she comes into the house dancing and smiling.

​Exercise is NOT just about losing weight.

​Exercise makes you happy.

​It makes you more patient.

​It gives you energy all day.

​It makes you better in every aspect of your life.

​If there is ONE thing you could do on a regular basis to improve your health and
​happiness, it’s exercise.

​You’d think it would be easy for the wife of a gym owner to work out all the time.

​It’s NOT!

​We have a gym in our basement and I have an endless list of workouts I could
​write up for her.

​But she goes at 6 AM and trains in our Small Group Personal Training program.


​Because she just shows up, and they tell her what to do.

​She’s a trainer herself and knows a ton about exercise, but she still needs the
​guidance and motivation from a coach to help her.

​She also goes because there’s a bunch other moms she can connect with.

​When she works out at GFP at 6 AM, life just works better. 

​When she doesn’t, I end up drinking half blended shakes and our kids eat potato
​chips and watch TV all day (a slight exaggeration but you get the point).

​Exercise gives you a better LIFE. 

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​Vince Gabriele


Not bad, right?

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