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Today is the final day to get on the list before I schlep the December newsletter to the printer. 

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One of the reasons why so many gym owners hire me for coaching is NOT because of my lavish lifestyle.

You’ll never see me in front of a Lambo.

In fact, my business partner in my new marketing agency (The Tech Nerd) have a pact…No Lambos.

The reason gym owners hire me is because I’ve been in trenches more than any business consultant in the industry.

And at any point in time if you ever wanted to see proof…

…just show up at 63 Industrial Road in Berkeley Heights at 6 AM and you’ll see a gym that’s bumping, outstanding trainers, solid programming and happy members.

But what you won’t see is me.


I’m here typing this. 

Many of the consultants you hear from have never owned a gym.

Several others did and ran it for a few years and then gave it away because they couldn’t handle the headaches.

They couldn’t handle the headaches because they didn’t know how to run a business.

They understood how to run a Facebook ad…. but not how to run a business.

Every gym owner I’ve ever spoken to wants to get more leads and make more money….on the surface.

But, when we dig deeper what they really want is freedom.

They want their business to pay them well, not stress them out and give them a life outside of being in the gym.

The gurus don’t know how to do this.

They’ll throw different leadership and team building tactics at you but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

This is exactly why I added a new section to the newsletter this month and will continue in the future.

It’s called backstage at Gabriele Fitness (My Gym).

Each month, we’ll usher you past the velvet rope and let you know what’s going on at my gym.

But here’s the important part.

I will NEVER write this article.

I’m the worst person to write it…and I own the friggen place.


My focus is on helping you grow your gym. 

My team will handle running the gym and writing the article telling you about what  is new at GFP.

So if you want to learn what were doing behind the scenes click the link below to get the December issue

Vince Gabriele 

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