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I’ve been a continuing education junkie my entire career.
It started with my obsession with fitness industry experts like Mike Boyle, and Charlie Weingroff.

When I became a business owner it progressed to guys like Thom Plummer and Dan Kennedy.

I’ve spent well over a quarter of a million dollars on my education.
When I look back at the biggest impact from all that education…I point towards the coaching calls and the physical newsletters.

Getting on a phone call with Thom Plummer to answer my questions was gold.

It allowed me to get the exact advice I needed to bust through business plateaus very quickly.

Every month I would get this high when I’d come home and see the latest physical issue of Dan Kennedy’s marketing letter.

Sitting down with a cup of coffee in my office and devouring the newsletter allowed me to actually consume and take action much faster than any digital product I ever purchased.

To be honest, some of the digital products I never even looked at.
But I always read the stuff that came to my mailbox.

In turn, that was the info I purchased that brought the largest return on my investment.

As I get requests from all over the world for my advice about running a successful gym, I wanted to have these options as well.

So, I created a NEW program that I’m super proud of and one that I know will bring your business great success.

I’m coming out with a new program next month called the Marketing Master Insiders Club.

It’s designed to give gym owners the opportunity to do business coaching with me at a very affordable investment.

The focus will be to make you the master of your marketing so you can get more members and drive cash to your bottom line.

It includes the following 4 Components

1. Vince’s Marketing Newsletter(Print) –
This is the ONLY fitness business print newsletter published by an active gym owner in the world! This will share with you everything that our most successful gym owners are doing to Market their gym – so you can copy them! We send this to you every 30 days to make sure you can never be stuck for ideas to bring in new clients …

Note: The first issue will be shipped in early September

2. Live Monthly Group Coaching Call 
– every month you’ll get access to me where I can personally answer your most pressing business questions.

3. Access to a Private Members website – here you can listen back to the replays of all previous coaching calls plus access other, new, constantly updated resources and trainings we’ll be giving you during your membership…

4. Access to the MMIC Private Facebook group – this is for members only and you can benefit from the $10,000’s of marketing and other resources that are openly shared in the private Facebook community by members…
The program is not yet released but I’m offering a limited number of Free spots to my current subscribers.

Full details about the program will be released very soon.

When it’s ready…would you like to do a 60-day FREE trial? Email to lock in your spot.

Vince Gabriele

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