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I’ve had several recent requests from gym owners asking if I’d spend a full day with them and their top team members to help bring clarity to their business. 

The gym owners that reached out were struggling with: 

  • Always being involved in everything: Getting their team to take ownership so they could relax a bit more and have more free time and headspace.
  • Role clarity: Making sure people knew their roles and how to best hold them accountable so they could more effectively lead their team.
  • Time management: For both the owners and their top team members so they could get more done and get better results.
  • Right people, right seats: Creating the right organization chart…meaning are the people they have now in the right roles?
  • Clear vision: Creating a clear and compelling vision for the future in the midst of chaos.

If you own a gym and want to start allowing your team to do more so you can either have more free time or work on other projects….

A full day of coaching with you, me and your top team members will get it done.

I normally reserve these days for my top Mastermind members but I have decided to open 7 days in 2021 for Non-Mastermind members. 

Here’s a few housekeeping items…

  • This will not be cheap, must be in a strong cash position to invest in this.
  • You’ll need to get on a call with me before we schedule the day so I have clarity on your biggest challenges and if I feel I can help you.
  • Money back guarantee, if at the end of the day you did not see value, I issue a full refund (never happened).

To inquire about the high fees and availability please reply to this email with YES.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. I run these days with several 7-figure gym owners…even with the very large investment they still come to dirty Jersey 2-4 times per year…and have for the past several years.

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