Did Your Gym Survive Covid-19?

Here’s the Image of my new book. 

I wrote it for gym owners that survived Covid-19.

If you’re reading this email most likely that’s you.

There’s a lot of talk about what you need to know to be successful over the next several months.

The problem with all the advice you’re hearing is stuff like: 

Well, if I owned a gym, here would be my plan. 

Well that’s great but last time I checked you weren’t playing fantasy gym owner. 

This book is my in the trenches advice about what the gyms that are left need to do to get out of this mess.

It’s the same stuff I’m using with my own gym in New Jersey (the last state to re-open).

And for those of you that do NOT want to be internet trainers…and just want to run your brick and mortar, this is for you.

I outline 7 business principles in the book to guide you through the next several months.

Once you get a grip on these principles you’ll be confident about the future success of your gym. 

Here is the honest truth, the only model you need right now is a better one than you have right now.

The model of the future takes into account what the heck is going on in the world but does not pigeon hole you into a one-dimensional way to run your business…that will be most likely outdated in a few months anyway.

The principles I’ve outlined in this special report are timeless business principles that have been used for decades to help business recover from tough times.

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • The formula to build a 5 MILLION Dollar Gym
  • Exactly how much it’s costing you NOT to have a pre-appointment nurture system 
  • How to get more money from less members
  • What type of virtual platforms are most effective right now
  • How you need to be marketing your gym to develop ultimate trust 
  • The secret to how many options should be on your price sheet
  • Why you need LOTS of Google reviews
  • The exact numbers to track weekly and why not knowing these numbers will be bad for your health 
  • The 10 places where gyms BURN the most money
  • Why being Cash flow neutral is the secret to survival in the short-term 
  • How to get referrals on autopilot 
  • The 3 factors that crush your cash flow 
  • What your NEW focus should be next year 

The best part?

This book and a detailed video comes with your $1 trial to the MMIC.

Today is the final day to lock in the founders rate too. 

Here’s the link:


Vince Gabriele 

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