do you have a business coach?

Yesterday was incredible. 

I was on zoom for the entire day with my CEO Mastermind.

These are 10 of the top gym owners in the country and I meet with them several times per year to help them solve their biggest business challenges.

Today we did things like:

1. Create a Plan to remove themselves from the business so they can move out of state and still have their gym run

2. We discussed what to do if someone gets Covid-19 at your gym 

3. We unpacked the 3 pillars of a well-executed marketing system 

4. We talked about being Peace Time versus War Time CEOs

5. We shifted one California gym owner from large group to small group and put together a pricing strategy that made him queasy but will flood his checking account

6. We helped a Long Island gym owner put the steps in place to build an empire through outlining a repeatable model

7. We discussed the most important metrics to track in the post Covid Era

8. We busted Chops

9. We talked about the 3 questions you need to ask yourself when you are making a big decision

This group doesn’t talk much about all the tactical stuff. 

We don’t get into Facebook or how to set up google ads.

This elite crew stays at a very high level.

We focus on strategy the majority of the time and they with just a few super important things to take action on.

It’s not a dump of a bunch of info to get them motivated for a few hours.

They get what they need, help each other and get back to work.

This group is completely full and the only way on the waitlist is to be in good standing in my SPF Mastermind.

You can get that info here:

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