Do You Make Any of These 11 Marketing Mistakes?

Here are some common mistakes I see gym owners making these days with their marketing.

1. They Stop Marketing in general to “Save” money, c’mon man. 

2. They fail to put in an offer that actually gets people interested…many have no offer at all

3. They fail to follow-up after they don’t buy the first time…which is a lack of understanding in human behavior

4. They only have one way to generate leads which is a huge risk that could leave them with NONE

5. Their Marketing is boring…most of the time it’s because they are boring…Is your marketing boring?

6. They don’t try new things because they don’t understand all marketing is testing 

7. They practice squirrel marketing and don’t do anything with consistency

8. They don’t understand their target market on a deep enough level and fail to know the marketing gold that is “what’s keeps your target market staring at the celling at night”

9. They look at direct mail, newspapers and magazines as old-school 

10. They Don’t market to their existing clients and leave gobs of money on the table 

11. View Marketing as an expense instead of an investment

Well, I have offer for you…. So you can stop making these kinds of mistakes 

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Vince Gabriele

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