Does Your Gym Pass This Test?

I just booked a very famous speaker for my Virtual Mastermind next month. 

This guy is definitely a legend in the fitness industry and one I have followed for years. 

I’m not going to mention who it is because I haven’t even announced it to the SPF Members yet.

But today I will share something I learned years ago from this person.
It’s called the Coffee Test. 

The Coffee Test is a test you should give every person that does a session with you. 

It’s basically this scenario:

Imagine a client leaving your gym after a workout and meeting a friend for coffee. 

When the friend asks them how their workout was…the answer to this question defines the success for your business..

Do they say, “Good”?


Do they pour into how outstanding it was and get into how your gym has changed their life and that they tell their friend they must go to your gym?

If you can run your business with this scenario on your mind, you’ll never want for more clients.

My gym learned the coffee test, luckily, very early in the game and it’s been a guiding principle ever since.

This is something you may know yourself but the question I have for you is this:

Do your team members know this?

Do they run every experience with this in their mind?

If you haven’t told them this, many times, they most likely don’t.

So the real secret is training your team to understand this concept and hold them to a higher standard to get this done.

Anyone that never upheld their end of this bargain never made it as a team member for us. 

There’s a boatload more I’ve learned from this guy that I cannot wait to share with you after he does a private talk with us in July. 

Vince Gabriele

P.S. I have a few spots remaining to purchase a guest pass for my Virtual Mastermind event the week of July 20th.

Send me an email,, with “Mastermind” in the subject to get more info.

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