I have to admit…

Writing these emails has been such an incredible release…and instead of grief, anger, guilt…today I’m filled with gratitude.

I can’t really explain it but writing to you helps…so, thank you.

If you missed my last 2 emails I posted them below.

… I always want there to be some kind of value or takeaway for you…based on the replies I believe there was.

When word got out that my Dad was going to pass, people jumped on planes from all over the country to say their goodbyes and many more are enroute to his wake today.

In his days running his company he produced many ultra successful financial advisors.

Several of them have told me how my Dad changed their life…and gave them their start in a super successful career in finance.

The stories are not few, but many.

Some of the people he mentored as young interns became even more successful than he was in business.

Late in his career he gave a lot of rope to my very talented brother-in-law, who really helped take their business to another level.

…and because of that rope, the business my dad created 50 years ago, thrives today…stronger than ever….

Giving my brother-in-law that rope never bothered him… he loved to see others win.

In fact, not only did it not bother him, he loved it.

Because he never kept score.

He had an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset…

…and he just loved seeing others enjoy success.

I never really heard my Dad say a bad word about anyone, never heard him talk shit or gossip, never.

He was drama free.

Can you imagine how free you are in life when you don’t keep score…

…when you don’t have ANY Drama…

…when you get joy from other people seeing success.

…when you don’t feel bad about yourself when others around you win.

….when you don’t judge others for not meeting your expectations.

My Dad was free.

So, you the gym owner.

How do you feel when a trainer leaves, are they dead to you…or is there gratitude to them for their time and hope they win in their next career?

Do you leave the door open when a client leaves or is there resentment?

Do you see other gym owners winning and get inspired or get down on yourself?

Maybe you have work to do here, maybe not.

I’ve taken my Dad’s lead on this in my own life…and I’ve got to say…this freedom feels good.

Thanks for listening today,

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Here are the last 2 emails:

Subject: bet on yourself

Yesterday I announced the passing of my Dad and shared some insight that I’ve gotten from his last 4 years…

I posted the email below if you missed it.

While I appreciate and am super grateful to those of you that reached out, I’m not posting this for sympathy…I just see so much learning in every event that happens in life.

This one happens to be an opportunity for reflection, growth and perspective that I think could bring value to your life.

The last 24 hours have been filled with stories about my Dad…and I heard one yesterday that will relate to you as a gym owner.

My Dad took over a massive space on Wall Street in NYC back in the early 80’s to start a municipal bond firm.

It was probably the equivalent of a small gym taking on 30,000 square feet.

They only filled a quarter of the space when they started.

His friend came in to do some electrical work and said to him…

…Joe, this place is huge and rent must be astronomical…

…I think you bit off a little too much here.

My Dad’s reply…

“Are you kidding, this place will be filled in a few months”

…and that was exactly what happened.
Now, even as his son, I do not share that same sense of courage and guts.

But, I will learn from it…and decide to bet on myself.

My Mastermind members ask me all the time what they should do with all the extra cash they have…

You can always invest in stocks, real estate, or just sock it away in a savings account.

But, the biggest return you’ll get will be to bet on yourself…

…and invest in your business, your staff, your marketing, your personal growth or your next new business…

Success in business starts with trusting and believing in yourself.

Some of us have work to do here…others of you might be more like my Dad.

But, at the end of the day…if you want to win big…bet on yourself…and go all in.

Filled with gratitude today,

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Here’s the email from yesterday

Subject: RIP DAD

Late last night my Dad went to heaven…

Although I’m sad, I’m filled with gratitude for what he taught me and excited, motivated and inspired for the life I have ahead using those lessons.

Since I’ve known over the past 2 weeks the end was near, I’ve been thinking about all the things I learned from him.

I came to a very interesting conclusion about how we influence other people.

We influence others much more with how we live…than what we teach.

The most powerful things I learned from my Dad…we’re never directly taught to me…and came during what is easily considered to worst years of his life.

My Dad suffered some of the most horrific conditions in his final 4 years of life.

After a stroke in 2017, he never regained speech, was in constant pain, had complete paralysis on the right side of his body and never stood or walked on his own again, coughed constantly, was not able to understand most of what we said and needed 24 hour professional aid care.

But, even when all of these freedoms were taken from him…there he was…teaching me…by how he lived.

Right before he died I asked his massage therapist (who never met him before he lost his major functions) …what she thought of my dad.

She went on for 30 minutes about what a caring, fun-loving and great man he was…She was able to know this about him without any verbal communication.

She said that he would always point to her water bottle half way through the massage urging her to grab a drink and take a break.

I’m not sure about you, but If I was in my Dad’s condition, telling someone else to grab a drink would be the last thing on my mind.

His biggest influence on me…was during the hardest days of his life.

I witnessed a man with almost every freedom removed still smile, experience joy, joke around, care for others, not complain, learn to use other senses, be tough and give love.

It took a lot of reflection to realize this…

The knee jerk reaction was to erase the last 4 years from our memory and just think about his life before.

That would be a mistake.

Because it was during these days…his hardest days…that he did his best work.

People are watching you.

Your team, your kids, your clients…they are watching what you do, how you live…

…and you have the opportunity to influence others simply by the way you decide to live your life…

…and how you hold true to your deepest rooted values…no matter what the circumstances are.

This is the purest form of leadership…and to honor my Dad I started another book 2 weeks ago…

I’m about 15,000 words in and it should be ready in 2022.

If you’d like to be notified when it’s available…

…hit reply with “Leadership Book” and will put you on the list.

Vince Gabriele

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