Eating Like a Jerk

Here’s an email I wrote for my upcoming launch for our brand spanking new January Challenge at GFP titled 50 Strong™.

50 Strong™ has never been run before and is very different from any challenge that we’ve created…details will be made available to SPF Mastermind Members.

When you listen to the little things people say they can turn into brilliant marketing ideas.

This entire email came from one little quick conversation I had with a friend. 

Start using every conversation you have as inspiration to help grow your’ll never ever run out of ideas.


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From: Vince Gabriele

Subject: “I’m Eating like a Jerk”

Had a conversation with a great friend over Christmas break. 

He was telling me how terrible he felt and that he needed to make his health and fitness a priority in 2022.

He said it all started when Covid hit and he’s been off the rails ever since.

Since that time he feels tired all the time, can barely button his pants, very rarely does any exercise and is more stressed today than ever. 

I asked him what he thought was the biggest reason why this occurred.

His answer was interesting and I think he’s actually on to something. 

He said…and I’ll never forget it. 

“I’m eating like a jerk”

“When Covid hit I got stressed and started eating like a jerk. I know what to do, I know pizza, bagels, muffins are no good for me, but I just did it anyway and now it’s like I cannot stop…I’ve become accustomed to feeling like crap”.

I told him not to be so hard on himself but did shine the light on the fact that he was taking responsibility for where he was…which is always step 1 in making a change. 

I applauded him for that and welcomed him to join us in the 50 Strong™ Program .

After I told him the details he was like “this is perfect, I just need a jumpstart, then I’m good to go”

If you need a jumpstart this year I’d love for you to apply for 50 Strong™.

Here’s some of what we’ll teach you: 

  • Why you should never set a new years resolution related to losing weight…ever again
  • The #1 biggest kept secret by top personal trainers about losing weight…they would never want you to find out. 
  • Discover the foods that you thought were healthy for your entire life…but most nutrition experts wouldn’t feed to an animal 
  • Learn the form of exercise that’s horrible for losing weight…but exactly what millions of people that set new year’s resolutions…blindly start doing on January 1st. It’s possible you’ve made this mistake in the past…but never again 
  • How to have all day energy even if you have a stressful job, lots of kids and a packed schedule without needing coffee, stimulants or 9 hours of sleep
  • Discover why getting on a bike first thing in the morning is actually making you weaker…and could be the #1 thing preventing you from losing fat
  • Learn how to safely perform exercises that many people over 40 avoid due to media driven fear…but actually make people feel stronger, younger, leaner and healthier 

Here’s the link to get more information.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. This program is only open to the First 30 People that are accepted. Due to the stringent rules of 50 Strong™ this program may not be for everyone. It’s important that you are ready to make a commitment to your own health and fitness before embarking on a journey like this. 

P.P.S. In regards to the above P.S…you do not need to be in shape or have any exercise experience to participate…you only need to be ready to make a commitment to yourself in regards to your health and fitness. 

P.P.P.S. We will ask you a series of questions that will tell us you’re ready to take on the challenge and participate ….those that do are very likely to have their life transformed forever.

Hope this helps,

Vince Gabriele 👍

P.S. Some of you may be interested in what our 50 Strong™ Program looks like…I’ll be giving the full details to the SPF Mastermind very soon so just click here to learn more.

P.P.S. I’ve decided that after this week I won’t be taking new members till 2022 to give our team some rest over the holidays.

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