Eavesdropping Will Drive Profits

Good Evening!

The bourbon is flowing, the fire pit is on.  Steaks are being grilled. Vanessa and the kids are spoiling me on my 42 birthday. 

Onward we go with lessons 20-27…

Lesson 20: 8 Cool Things I’ve Bought Recently Worth Checking Out

Source: My Credit Card Statement 

My Viewpoint: 

  • Sonicare Toothbrush: The iPhone of toothbrushes.  It’s like going to the dentist every time you brush your teeth, without the pain and the big bill.  Absolutely crazy we waited this long. 
  • Chillipad:  A mattress cover that keeps you cold while you sleep, has improved sleep quality according to my other cool purchase noted below, the Oura Ring. 
  • Solo Stove: Possibly my favorite material item I own.  Lots of good family and thinking time around the Solo Stove.
  • TheraGun: I sit way too much, this thing helps.
  • Oura Ring: Solved the wedding ring issue and gives me good feedback on my health.
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee:  A staple in the AM that brought down our Starbucks bill dramatically.
  • Rewind Greens Powder:  New company that fitness legend Ryan Lee started. The best tasting greens I’ve ever had.
  • Hiking Boots: I splurged on these but have been huge for when I take my daughter creaking in the woods. 

Lesson 21: Making More Money is One Question Away

Source: McDonalds and Eavesdropping 

My Viewpoint:  “Do you want fries with that” is the most profitable sentence ever known to mankind.  I was watching my son’s basketball practice and overheard a guy talking to his landscaper.  After discussing the project at his home, the guy asked a final question:  Do you also do power washing?  Based on what I could hear, the landscaper said yes, and possibly doubled the bill. 

Here’s what the landscaper should have thought…I should end every phone call with:  “Just curious, do you have any areas of your home where you need power washing?”

It’s a gold mine of a question.  Here’s why…not many people own power washers.  The ones that do (like me) NEVER use it.  If this guy took my advice, he could double his business with this question. 

You could do the same for yours. 

Lesson 22: Be Tough

Source: Teddy Roosevelt 

My Viewpoint: Teddy Roosevelt got shot in the ribs on his way to do a speech.  The doctors told him he must go to the hospital at once. Roosevelt did the speech anyway, before going to the hospital….and went for close to 3 hours with a blood stained shirt. 

Being a business owner is more about resilience than anything else. Those that can overcome challenges, obstacles and problems fast will get where they want to go a lot faster. 

I don’t claim to be tough like TR, I could never do the things the heroes in the military do.  I often get scared, overwhelmed and sometimes don’t push through like I know I can. 

The stories like TR, listening to people like Jocko, and realizing that life is for the most part a nice dream…snaps me back into reality and helps me push through tough times…even though they’re not really that tough. 

Lesson 23: Learn to Be a Great Marketer

Source: Dan Kennedy

My Viewpoint:  I heard Dan Kennedy preaching on this when he was hired by Weight Watchers.  The CEO realized they were paying Kennedy more money as a consultant than the CEO was making in salary.  Kennedy replied with “The reason I get paid more than you is I know how to put fat people in meetings.”

My life changed when I truly understood how to market.  It’s a skill I work on daily and have committed to a lifelong journey of learning to be a better marketer.  Marketing transpires to any business you ever decide to encounter.  When you hold a skillset that enables you to give someone a piece of advice that can make them money immediately, 

people will pay you handsomely for it.  When you can do this for your own business, you hold the keys to making money at will.

Lesson 24: “Buy Yourself a Swimming Pool”

Source: The Beatles

My Viewpoint: The Beatles were sitting around their new home and talking about how nice it would be if they had a swimming pool.  One of them said, “Well, let’s write a song that will buy us a swimming pool.” 

As a business owner you hold that same power.  People that are employed do NOT.  When you own something you have decision making control.  You can create and implement anything you desire that will bring you money whenever you please. 

As long as you have a customer list and something to sell, you’ll always be in a position to ring your own register.  It’s only limited by your own creativity.  Unfortunately…this is a freedom many business owners never actually realize. 

Lesson 25: 90% of Business Problems are People Problems 

Source:  Mark Odonnel, Head Visionary of EOS 

My Viewpoint: Most of the problems you have in your business can be traced back to problems with people.  It could be the wrong person for your business, the right person but in the wrong seat, a lack of knowledge about their role, poor communication, etc. 

A key question to ask when issues come up is, “Who owns this issue?”  The real problem lies when you own them all.  At the end of the day, the people issue live and die with you and me. 

Lesson 26: Nose Breathing Changes Your Life

Source: Breathe by James Nestor 

My Viewpoint:  As a lifelong mouth breather, my level of stress was elevated well beyond what it should be because of my breathing pattern. 

After reading the book listed above I am a committed lifelong nose breather. 

Not much else to say here except close your mouth. 

Lesson 27:  Running Your Business, Parenting Your Kids or Navigating a Disagreement with Your Spouse On Emotion is a Complete Waste of Time and Energy

Source: Too many places to list this year

My Viewpoint:  Our lives are shaped by one thing, and one thing only…our decisions.  The better decisions we make, the better life will be.  I’ve learned that letting yourself be run by your emotions never leads to making good decisions. 

When you allow yourself to be run by your emotions all logic and reasoning is diminished.  Stay calm, breathe (preferably through your nose) and keep your heart rate low….and start to watch your life be enhanced. 

This makes a huge case for being in good shape, doing breathwork, taking cold showers and meditating.  The less reactive you are, the happier you’ll be. 

As a business coach, people pay me lots of money just to tell them to calm the F down. On the flip, I spend lots of my own money for people to tell me the same. 

That’s it for tonight, I may be back tomorrow, not sure.

I may just end this thing at 27

What’s your vote?

  1. Kill it?
  1. Keep going to 42?

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Vince Gabriele 

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