embarrassing story

I don’t talk about this often…. but I quit my last year of Temple Football and never graduated. 

I was just done. 

At the time, I was embarrassed and had feelings like I let my team down. 

There was something pulling me. 

The first thing was I was 300 pounds and just felt very uncomfortable. 

Just walking to class I would be out of breath and sweating. 

The second thing was that I was majoring in business and taking classes like economics and accounting and I hated it.

I knew the NFL was not an option and started to get the itch to have some direction in my life.

​In my quest to lose the excess weight I fell in love with fitness. 

I got certified as a personal trainer.

Moved to California. 

Got an Internship. 

Got a job as a personal trainer.

Met my wife at that job.

Moved to New Jersey and opened a gym.

A painful somewhat embarrassing moment shaped my destiny. 

If I had stayed and played that last year I most likely would not be writing you this email.

I’d probably be in an office somewhere in NYC, still 300 pounds, not married to Vanessa and not doing work I love to do. 

But now I find myself in a tough spot.

I’m a small business owner in the middle of a pandemic and a recession.

Now I think about this decision and wonder if life would be better if I was protected by the corporate vail.

Meaning, you have this job in this big firm and you get paid your same salary to work from home, you have a nice benefits package and stock options. 

There are days where I think about that life. 

Then I snap back into reality and show intense gratitude for my freedom. 

The freedom to do the work that I want to do.

The freedom to run my businesses the way I want.

Is there more on my shoulders? 


Is it stressful and times?


But I am in control. 

I rely on no one else. 

If I want take 4 weeks off I can take it and I don’t have to ask anyone.

If I want to create a new service because I want to earn an extra 50K, I can do it.

I say this to you today because as hard as this is right now, there’s a lot to fight for. 

Keeping going my friend, you’re doing great. 

Vince Gabriele 

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