false beliefs and lies about spending money

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There is this false belief that people are not spending money right now…and I witnessed an event this past July that would say the opposite.

If someone lost their job, they most likely will not be signing up for personal training, that is true.

But, what about all the people that didn’t.

There’s a truckload more that are still working and getting paid their normal salary.

Think about what their lives have been like.

They been cooped up in their homes, not going on vacation, not spending money on commuting, not going out to dinner…at some points in this pandemic they literally could not spend money if they tried!!!

In other words, there are LOTS of people stockpiling cash.

But at the same time, they probably have not been exercising and have been eating like garbage…which is VERY good news for you.

To make this even better for us, because of Covid-19, people are more interested in personalized services away from large groups of people…and they’ll pay a premium for that experience.

Here’s one thing the great Dan Kennedy taught me about money, it doesn’t sit still, it’s always moving around.

The secret is finding how to get that money flowing towards YOUR checking account.

That’s what I’m going to cover this Friday and Saturday.

Would you like to join me?

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When you join me, here’s what I’ll be teaching you:

  • A Covid-19 Discovery: Exactly where to look to find the hidden money in your business that will cost you nothing in ad spend
  • How to attract the small pocket of high paying clients (the same ones your competitors swear don’t exist because of Covid-19) …Who are willing to write checks 2-5x your normal prices
  • How to simply and easily make a few tweaks to your current pricing model based on the current recession…that’ll transform your business
  • How to multiply your profits in a simple way almost every other business coach ignores
  • How to write text messages and emails that get killer response rates…results I’ve never seen before
  • Plus, I’m going to reveal the details of my new business coaching course for gym owners running their business in a pandemic and a recession.

If you’re determined to finally make some real money from your gym…despite the current conditions…which may be better than you think…I’d love to see you there.

I’ll see you this weekend.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. The Average contract of the people that signed up for my gym in the month of July was OVER $1,000…. I’ll show you how we made that happen on the webinar.


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