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I’m doing a little pro bono consulting for a friend that wants to start a business teaching program design.

He’s very connected with some pretty big names in the fitness industry and I think it has some legs.

I’ve even hired him to audit our program design at GFP…and he always makes some solid improvements to an already excellent system.

There’s so much to unpack in these kinds of businesses but here’s the mistake that people in this space make.

They make it about the product.

They have this mindset that if their program design stuff is better than the next guys…it will sell.

As I delivered the bad news the conversation quickly turned to what he needs to do to get this going which is;

Become known, liked and trusted among your target market.

This person is very connected but is not known in the industry.

The secret to this business is becoming known in the industry…is using the connections he’s built for 20+ years.

This is the path. 

Here’s the tool I gave him and one you can swipe for yourself.

It’s called a resource list and I pulled it from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program …when I was a selected participant close to 10 years ago.

All you need to do is list out who you know right now that could connect you with the people you’re looking for.

Then, list out who you NEED to know. Meaning, who are the people you don’t know right now but if you did, could open a floodgate for you.

This resource list brings clarity to your current assets you may not be thinking about that you should be leveraging.

Second, it gets you thinking about all the possible relationships you could have in your future.

This is an example of planning.

Most people that do relationship marketing like this wait till something happens by accident.

The planning part of it is the key because it makes it into an intentional process.

Which means you’ll be in control.

Give it a shot,

Vince Gabriele 👍

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