Fantasy Gym Ownership

A few weeks back I awarded a Washington State Gym Owner with the SPF Mastermind Member of the year. 

This guy came to me about 3 years ago doing less than $10,000 a month…and was in a pretty sticky situation with a business partner.

Fast forward 3 years and he’s recording consistent $30,000 months, has purchased 3 rental properties and is well on his way to open his second location. 

It brings to thinking about something very specific George does differently than others…Which I think is a big problem among gym owners. 

When George joined the SPF Mastermind one of the first things I taught him was what numbers to look at on a weekly basis…

He didn’t just start doing it, he held himself accountable to the results.

If he had a goal of 7 leads a week, he did everything in his power to hit it.

If he didn’t, there was a plan in place to change that. 

This is the big issue I see with Gym owners that are stuck in the mud. 

There’s no commitment to the right numbers.

Here’s a tough fact in business…the only real truth teller in your business is the numbers.

It’s not how you feel.

It’s not what your clients tell you.

It’s what the data is telling you.

If you want to know how your training is…look at your retention.

If you want to look at the effectiveness of your marketing…look at the quality of your leads.

If you want to know how great your sales system is…take look at how many leads become clients.

That’s it. 

There’s too much emotion going on…and not enough reality.

If you want to live in reality, look at the numbers that serve as leading indicators …every week.

These are the numbers that when they are on track will yield the financial results you desire.

George did this better than any other gym owner I’ve worked with.

Without these leading indicators…reality goes bye-bye and you start playing fantasy gym ownership.

In order to get your leading indicators you need to decide what you want your financial results to be first.

I can help you get that here.

Vince Gabriele 👍

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