Fifteen Hundred Dollar Checks

Back when I was the go-to personal trainer for athletes removing from ACL injuries, getting people to hand me check for $1500 after one meeting was an easy task. 

Here’s how it would work:
A doctor that trusted me would tell them, “I got this guy that is the guru of Post Rehab ACL Training”.

They would come pre-sold. 

There was no elaborate sales pitch. 

I would literally run them through an FMS, ask them a few questions and tell them the investment.

It was never easier to sell anything in my life, no price resistance, no I need to think about it, here’s the check.

 There were two things happening:

1.  I had a buyer that had a big problem they needed to solve. 
In the case many of the clients I saw, an ACL tear was the most impactful thing that had happened to them in their young life…Many of them wrote their college essay about coming back from this significant injury.

2.  I was viewed as an authority on this topic.
My authority status had people coming from all over to work with me. No other time has this happened. It was because of the reputation I had built. 

Here’s why this matters to you now:

We are in a recession. 

People are much more careful with where and who they spend their money with right now. 

Being an authority, in a market that desperately needs help is liquid gold in a recession.

Well, there are a boatload of people that have been doing nothing for 3 months. 

They are sick and tired of it and they want a result now.
Covid-19 gave you that. 

The second part is elevating your status as an authority figure that can help them. 

So, essentially you need to become famous. 

Famous in your little pocket of the world. 


Speaking, writing and knowing the right people. 

If you want to become more of an authority here’s a formula for you

1.  Write 3 emails per week, put them on the blog of your website, share them on social media. If you write everyday, this will start to come natural and will honestly get hard NOT to do than to actually do it. 

2.  Book yourself one public speaking engagement per month. This is not possible now so doing more video or webinars will be what you need to get by. 

3.  Get Connected with the right people. Find 3-5 people that you know have a strong influence over your market. Find a way into the door for their world by adding as much value for them as possible. 

Being handed $1500 checks doesn’t come without some work but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Vince Gabriele 

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