Podcast Episode 004: Giving Your Business An “Unfair Advantage”

What is the one thing that will give your business the “Unfair Advantage”?

Vince Gabriele, founder of Gabriele Fitness and Fitness Business University, and Tom Langton, CEO of Gabriele Fitness chip away in this episode at the ONE thing that will give your business the “Unfair Advantage”.

Back in 2008, when Gabriele Fitness just started out, they were unique for offering strength training with the use of sleds, prowlers, and an indoor turf field. Fast forward 10 years, on every corner now there are gyms with turfs and sleds, so what set them apart?  The “Unfair Advantage”, their customer’s experience.  The customer experience is the constant never ending desire on improvement.  Learn in this episode how to give the ultimate experience from the moment someone steps in your facility to the coffee date they have with their friend.

Vince also teaches more on the “Unfair Advantage” at the Gabriele Fitness mentorship!  To sign up, all you have to do is hop on a FREE call with Vince.  Visit www.vincegabriele.com and schedule online.

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