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A woman walks into a bar after a tough emotional day, let’s call her Mary.

She asks the bartender for a double.

The bartender, noticing she was upset, asks her what was wrong.

She goes on to tell him how she was frustrated that she just broke up with her boyfriend.

She was not that upset about the break up but more about her lack of confidence to get back to dating.

She and her boyfriend lived a very unhealthy life.  Exercise and good nutrition were not something they practiced. 

She lacked confidence in her appearance.

Another guy at the bar overheard the woman talking.

His name was Jim and he was a personal trainer.

Jim walked up to the woman and said, “I don’t mean to pry but I overheard you talking to the bartender and I’m a personal trainer that helps people get fit, I think I can help you”.

He went on to tell her about his services (blah, blah, blah).

She was just about to pour her drink on his head until… 

…Another woman walked up to them (let’s call her Lisa) …She was friends with Mary and coincidentally was a client of Jim!

She said, “OMG Mary How do you know Jim?”

Mary replies, “We just met tonight”.

Lisa went on to say how she’s been a client of Jim for years and he is the best personal trainer around. 

“Mary, you definitely need to work with Jim, he’s the best, don’t even worry about the cost, it’s expensive but totally worth it”.

Now think about the chances of Jim getting Mary as a client after Lisa’s testimonial. 

They go through the roof!

Have you been getting testimonials from your clients about your on-line services?

The most powerful Law of Influence is Social Proof, according to Dr. Robert Chaldini, author of Influence.

Now more than ever…testimonials and success stories are crucial to use in your marketing.

Trust will be the most important indicator to get new members during Covid-19 and testimonials are your best source for that trust. 

Here’s your action step:

Get ONE testimonial per day
Could be a Google review, a Facebook review, a video selfie from a client telling them about how happy they are…doesn’t matter…get one per day and start to deploy that stuff in your marketing.

You can thank me later.

Vince Gabriele

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