gym owner of the year award

This Friday I’ll be giving out the gym owner of the year award at my SPF Mastermind meeting.

I look for the gym owner that has shown the most progress, resilience and has been a helpful person to others in the group.

I’ve narrowed it down to 5 finalists and then picked the one person out of the 5 that stood out the most.

I give this award each year and have several members predicting that they will win the SPF Mastermind Member of the Year Award.

It’s become a thing…and even some trash talking has occurred (which I love).

There are so many great stories but what I really look for is not how much revenue they are generating or new clients they’ve added….but rather who has had the biggest transformation.

I love the stories (there’s a bunch) of the gym owners who started at 8K a month that now exceed 40K a Month…

The same goes for your gym. 

I’m sure your clients would love to get awards…or be recognized for their achievements.

We have several members that do their own annual awards ceremonies for their clients and it’s always a hit. 

People love recognition.

They love to feel appreciated…and that their hard work did not go unnoticed.

It doesn’t just have to be big awards either.

It can be something as simple as how many workouts they accomplished, a PR or someone completing their first 5K. 

People love to be recognized, so give them their moment…because I promise you this…

…they don’t ever get recognized in all the other areas of their life.

The busy mom that puts everything she’s got into her kids…gets no recognition.

The guy at the office working 60 hour weeks gets paid…but not recognized.

Your gym can give people something they never get…but crave.

You can do this through many forms:

  • Social media
  • Your private members group
  • Annual awards shows
  • Pictures on your wall in gym or lobby
  • On the whiteboard in the gym 
  • Create books that showcase member success

Hopefully this sparks some inspiration for you.

Vince Gabriele 

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