gym shutdowns 2.0

I remember exactly where I was when I learned that the 2 planes hit the twin towers in 2001.

My dad, sister and brother all worked there…they all survived. 

The way NYC came together, acted fast, saved lives and cleaned the city up was miraculous.

When the towers were hit the leaders of NYC met in city hall to develop a plan.

There was NO plan for what to do if the twin towers came crumbling to the ground.

The rubble was overwhelming and looked impossible to even make a dent.

But, there was a plan for what to do if there was fire in the subway system, a plan if a bridge collapsed, etc.

They look at all the plans that had been created and pulled small pieces from each of them…and formulated a plan for 9/11…within 30 minutes.

You most likely were hit hard back in March with no pre-determined plan for similar circumstances.

But, now you do.

As of today, 2 of my Mastermind clients have been shut down again…there are more coming.

While this is very hard to swallow, they are ready.

They may not do exactly what they did last time but they have an idea and can use a version of that strategy to be prepared.

If you have not been shut down yet, I would be making a plan ASAP on what you would do if you did.

We had a very long planning meeting yesterday at GFP that outlined step by step what we would do if we get shutdown again.

It’s all documented and ready to be launched.

I’ll be discussing this in detail on my monthly coaching call this Thursday at 12 PM EST for the members in the MMIC.
You can get access to that call here.

Vince Gabriele 

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