Gyms over 750K in revenue

Yesterday I spent the day with the leadership team from Synergy Athletics in New York. 

Synergy is one of top gyms in America.

They are extremely profitable. 

They are incredibly efficient. 

Several times a year I meet with their leadership to do the following:

·     Set quarterly goals
·     Review their long-term vision
·     Clarify their short-term vision
·     Tweak their scoreboard
·     Help them solve pressing challenges
·     Review and update who does what

Their founder, Joe Hashey, is one of the top gym owners in America.

Why does he bring someone like myself to do this with his team?

Well, it’s the same reason many parents have trouble teaching their kids. 

The legendary hall of fame QB, Joe Montana, actually had to hire a quarterback coach to teach his son.

Imagine that!

The same reason Joe hires me in to run these meetings…. is the same reason why I bring a coach to run these meetings for my own gym. 

We need a pair of Fresh Eyes to see the things we don’t see.
There have been many times where an outside consultant solved a problem I was wrestling with for months…in the matter of seconds.

They saw what I was blinded by because I was too close. 

Afterwards it was obvious.

Want a pair of fresh eyes on your business?

I have a very small handful of gyms I do this for around the country.

You should consider bringing me in to run a full day off-site for your team if…

1.  You’re doing around 750K in revenue

2.  You Have a solid core of key team members in place

3.  You Feel like you’re having a little Organizational ADD…meaning there’s a LOT flying around and you’re trying to make your business simpler and easier

4.  As the owner, you want to empower your team to take more ownership so you can explore new ventures

If you fit the above criteria…

Reply with YES to chat about booking a Full Day Off-site with me…

…Megan will set up a call with us and see if it’s the right fit for you and your team.

Vince Gabriele 

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