hair club for men

I’m just coming off the launch of my sweepstakes promo at my gym.

If you’ve never heard me talk about this before, the very short version is it’s when we give away a really valuable prize and people fill out an application to try and win.

We’ve used it since 2016 and it works…every time. 

I’ve used a variation of the same emails each time we’ve promoted, but I get bored easily so I went back and created a few new zingers. 

Something really funny happened with one of them(Pasted below)

I’m on the email list so I get the emails in real-time. 

I saw the email and was like…

Why the hell is my wife(Vanessa Gabriele) sending me an email with the 
subject line: Hair Club For Men???

I had even tricked myself into being curious…with my own email!!!

That’s when I knew it would be a winner. 

Here it is!

Day 8 of Launch
Email 9 of 14
From: Vanessa Gabriele 

Subject: Hair Club For Men

I know Vince is in the middle of getting the word out for the 12-month Personal Training Giveaway but I thought I’d throw in a reminder for you today.

Here’s the link to apply if you’ve been holding back:


Remember the commercial years back from the Hair Club for Men when the guy said…

“I’m not just the owner, I’m also a client”

Well, that’s me!

Vince and I own GFP together but I attend small group training sessions 3-4x per week…and it’s 100% something I cannot live without. 

I’m not just saying this because I own the joint…I truly believe in what we do and cannot imagine what my days would be like without a structured workout to attend. 

I work at the gym but also chase around our 3 kids all day long. 

Feeling good and having energy is required for my existence.

Otherwise, I find myself drinking way too much caffeine to get going and way too much wine to relax. 

Not saying I don’ts indulge in those things now…but the workouts help me keep rocking all day long. 

Plus, I have my buddies I workout with at 6 AM who call me out if I skip a workout.

Anyway, I know you’ll love it here…

And the link below gives you chance to get 12 months free.

I’m not a “Business Person” I just love seeing people get healthy… but that sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Hope to see you in the gym,

Vanessa Gabriele 



Hopefully, that was a helpful email to invoke some creativity for you. 

This was email 9 of 14 in the campaign. 

I recently posted all 14 emails on the members’ site of my marketing master club

So if you’re interested in seeing all 14 emails, the same emails that generated over 200 applications from people super interested in getting help from a trainer… 

Then click HERE

You’ll need to pay a whopping $1 for access but you also get 60 days’ worth of marketing advice and coaching along with it. 

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. If you’ve already done a trial membership of the MMIC and you want to activate your membership…send an email to

P.P.S. In addition to access to all 14 emails as I sent them, I also recently recorded a training on email marketing and taught the members of my private group how to write emails like the one above.

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