Hard Truth About Today

Here’s a hard truth about today because everyone else will be sending fluffy emails like: 

“It’s a New Beginning”

“You Get a Fresh Start” 

“See Ya Later 2020”

Blah, blah, blah.

Many business owners have been waiting for today… thinking everything will change.

This is one of the most dangerous things you could possibly do. 

Let me explain. 

There’s something called the Stockdale Paradox which basically says you’ll be killed by your optimism.

General Stockdale survived several years in a POW camp and was being interviewed about the people who survived the camp and the one that didn’t make it home. 

He said: That’s easy the ones that died were the optimists.

They were saying, 

“We’ll be home by Christmas” 

…and when Christmas came, and there was no end, they died of a broken heart…

This thing is NOT over (check out what’s going on in the UK).

It’s not over because of the vaccine.

It’s not over because it’s a new year.

It’s not over because the election has concluded.

It’s not over because there’s another round of the PPP in the works. 

It’s not over. 

I’m sorry but someone need to tell you this so you keep your foot on the gas. 

My advice. 

Don’t let up, not one bit. 

Push harder than ever. 

Because if you do, you’ll drive right past the competitors that are breathing a sigh of relief today.

Go get it. 

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. I’ll be taking on a handful of clients to work with me 1-1 this year. 

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