hormone therapy

Over the weekend I had a discussion with a family member that will remain nameless.

The conversation shifted toward fitness and things people do to lose weight, get fit, etc.

Intermittent fasting came up, as did Peloton, as did HIIT, as did what weight kettlebells are best.

I like to sit back and listen, I honestly try to not get too involved.

But this nameless family member asked me about hormone therapy.

We got into talking about this as I have some knowledge base on the topic from what I’ve learned from Dr. Dusten Nelson…but I am no expert whatsoever.

Then the line came out…the one that describes what so many people are thinking…that too many fitness professionals don’t want face reality and understand that many others think this too..

“I just want the shortcut”
I get it…and in no way judge this family member for wanting that.

They have a ton of stuff going on and exercising and eating right simply do not make the cut so something like hormone therapy sounds like a good idea.

But we both know that hormone therapy combined with a crappy diet and no exercise will produce minimal results, the family member knows this too.

That’s not the point here.

The point is you need to start paying more attention.

Conversations like this are marketing research and give you marketing messages and ideas to get people in the door.

I know you may be thinking, I’m not a quick fix kind of gym.

I don’t do challenges.

I don’t do free sessions.

I don’t do month to month.

That’s fine but understand if your market is looking for a quick fix, your 18-week habit forming program will not bring them in the door.

The message you need to take from all this is to listen.

Listen to your market.

What are they saying at the bar after a few drinks.

This line about the quick fix was the honest truth and that’s what would get this person to pry themselves off the couch and step foot into your gym. 

Here’s a tip:

There are many, many more people looking for a quick fix other than your 18 week habit program.

I’m not saying habits are not important but listen to what they are saying…get them in the door with what they want…and then get them to build habits after.

NO ONE lays awake at night saying: 

“If I could only have better habits”

Lots of people lay awake at night saying:  

“I just want to snap my fingers and be fit”

The secret to marketing is to enter the conversation going on in your prospects mind.

Step one is to listen to what they say.

Vince Gabriele

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