Blow Up Your Sales And Make Serious Money By “Doing Terrible”

I’ve been doing this experiment lately.

When someone asks me how I’m doing…

I’ll say terrible.

It’s funny, the look on people’s faces.

I partly do it because it’s funny.

But it’s also interesting to observe how many people don’t even recognize that I said “terrible.”

There’ve been several times where people just kept going with the conversation as if I said “I’m good.”

Or they just awkwardly mutter something like “sorry about that,” and go right into their business.

On the most recent mastermind call I went on a rant about sales.

There’s way too much selling going on and not enough listening.

People are showing up to consultations looking for a solution to a problem they have…and they want to know if we can help them.

When I did sales consultations at GFP back in the day I would try to go as long as possible without saying anything about what we did.

I just asked questions and talked to them about them…their favorite subject (my experiment above proves this).

My go-to question is known as the R-factor question.

The R stands for relationship and it was created by Dan Sullivan.

Here’s the question:

If we were having this conversation one year from today and you were looking back on that year, what has to have happened with your health and fitness for you to feel happy with your progress?

After they paused and said, “That’s a great question.”

…they would start to answer.

Then, I would shut the hell up and write notes.

Arm yourself with this question and there’s likely to be a lot more selling going on at your gym.

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