how gyms will survive the future

You’re limited to how many people you can have in your gym right now.

Who knows how long this will last…

It’s kind of like you’re a restaurant owner that usually has 20 tables and is forced to only be able to serve 10.

They need to make some changes or they’ll lose 50% of their business. 

The best restaurant owners would not allow that to happen and would get creative to find a way to win. 

The gyms that win in the future will follow this principle when faced with this same issue (and we are).

Less members, More Money per Member
While every other gym is slashing their prices because they are panicking…

You can do things differently… make and charge MORE money than ever…which means you’ll make MORE than ever.  

But this isn’t just a good idea for right now.

This is a great idea all of the time. 

Compare the gym that has 100 clients and charges $300 per month versus the gym that has 300 clients and charges $100. 

Would you rather mange 100 clients or 300 Clients?

To many are playing this volume game and for the gym owner with 1-5 locations, this is a game that’ll be tough to win in the future. 

Changing your strategy to be able to serve less members but make more money from the members you have is a winner. 

This is Principle 1 of 7 in the business model of the future. 

Over the last several weeks I’ve been hard at work building out what I feel will be the model of the future for brick and mortar gym owners.

It highlights 7 principals that you’ll need to implement now so you can have great success in the future. 

I created the 7 principals after seeing how the best gym owners have survived and thrived during this pandemic …and packaged that into what I believe will be needed to win during some very uncertain times. 

It goes into great detail on the principle above and on the 6 more that hold the keys to wealth in the future. 

I’ve yet to speak about this in my emails or on my podcast for a specific reason. 

The new book and accompanying video that highlights the 7 principles will be released only as a special bonus to subscribers of my new program coming out later this month called the Marketing Master Insiders Club. 

The good news is I’m making the first 60 days completely free to a limited group of gym owners subscribed to my email list. 

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Vince Gabriele 

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