How I Dropped This Gym Owner’s Jaw With a Whiteboard Exercise

He looked at the whiteboard for 3 full minutes, not saying a word, not blinking 

​At my 2 day, LIVE Mentorship I stay late until everyone leaves.  

We normally finish around 5 PM but many of the attendees want to stay and talk about their specific challenges.  

The challenges that just got a nice massive light shown on them over the last 10 hours.  

Clarity is the word I hear most.  

They are clear where their real problems are and what they need to do, it’s just not always easy. 

One particular night I stayed very late with a truly successful gym owner. 

This guy was killing it, but still seemed frustrated.  

We started talking about the future of his business and where he wanted to go. 

The topic of his team came up immediately.  

He knew if he wanted to get to another level, he needed his team to step up, but they weren’t and he didn’t know why. 

He also felt a slight bit of overwhelm, meaning a lot was on his shoulders. 

Being in this exact same position myself a few years ago, I knew exactly what the problem was. 

I drew up 5 large boxes on the whiteboard and wrote the following in each box. 

Marketing, Sales, Operations, Head Trainer, Finance. 

I asked him who does the marketing and he told me one of his trainers does it 

Then I asked about the sales, he said, another one of his coaches. 

I did this with the rest of the boxes and he told me which of his team members names were in each box. 

Things were looking good, not sure why he was overwhelmed. 

Then, I asked him a different question.

“Who is responsible for Marketing? Who owns it?”

I clarified by saying, ‘if the marketing is not working, who takes responsibility for that?”

He said, “Me”. 

Then I asked the same question for all the other boxes, every answer: “Me”.  

I wrote his name in every box. 

He looked at the whiteboard for 3 full minutes, not saying a word, not blinking.  

This was the problem for him and is the same problem for many others. 

He had others doing stuff but he never gave them ownership. 

He did not shift the pressure and results to his team for fear of them messing up, so he just kept it, and kept the stress of it too. 

This was causing the massive overwhelm. 

If you are just starting in your business, you have no choice, you own every box, just keep moving, you’ll know when you get here.  

But if you have been running your gym for a few years and you have a team, this is the thing that heaps on the stress and pressure for you. 

The inability to let go. 

It’s a very human thing to do as an entrepreneur and few get it done, especially in the gym world. 

The gym owners that delegate tasks will get a little more time. 

The gym owners that delegate major roles to the right people and give them permission to fail will be the ones that eventually get freedom.  

If this is something you’re going through, there is a really bright light at the end. 

Many of gym owners coming to the Orlando Mastermind next month are working through this or have already broken through. 

I have had the long awkward silence at the whiteboard with many of them. 

If you need my help with this, and a trip to Orlando with some hard charging gym owners is in the cards. 

Reply here with “Attend Orlando Mastermind” in the subject.


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