How I Fixed My Website

Here’s the quick story.

A 27 year old whiz kid came into my life a few years ago.

He solved all of my problems I had with technology.

· He fixed my website
· Helped me use Google in many different ways
· He got me to drop Active Campaign for a much simpler and less expensive software
· He helped me increase the open rate of my email list

He made the tech side of my business simple and easy for me and my non-tech staff.

Today is Module 5 of my 6-Week New Client Surge Program and we’re covering digital marketing.

I’m bringing in my Tech Nerd to teach this module.

We’ll be covering:

· How to get your website to be a damn good lead generator

· How to use local Google My Business SEO

· And some new thing the Tech Nerd keeps babbling about called email deliverability

The tech nerd seems to think that not everyone on your email list actually gets the emails….

…and there’s some magic Tech Nerd thing he can do to make sure more people actually get the email in their inbox

This will increase the open and click rates of your emails.

The Tech Nerd has promised this works because he just took this nerd course on email deliverability.

Since the damn Tech Nerd is doing all this learning… 

…and that all of the clients I’ve thrown at him have been getting such incredible results with local SEO and websites…

The Tech Nerd has raised his billable hour fee! 

Meaning, every time I’m in a generous mood to pass a few free billable hours your way the Tech Nerd is costing me more of my hard-earned money!

But, I’m willing to make the investment because I’ve seen first-hand how this whiz kid does nothing but get pretty damn good results…with almost everything he touches.

If you need help with any of the following….

· Getting your website to generate leads…instead of being a black hole 

· Find ways to use digital marketing to generate consistent leads….outside of Facebook ads

· Need a new software that’s a LOT less confusing and doesn’t require using 5 different ones to link them all together

·     Want to see if your emails are actually getting delivered instead of being launched into the spam folder

Then a billable hour with the Tech Nerd will help you tremendously.

Here’s the good news.

Since I love the people on my email list….

…I’ve purchased 3 billable hours with the Tech Nerd.

Normally I purchase 5 at a time but since the damn Tech Nerd is getting cocky…

…I’m only buying 3 of them right now.

Act fast…but don’t get too excited.

The tech nerd is booked up till January with a truckload of projects for the SPF Mastermind.

…So even if you’re one of the first 3 to respond to this email…

You’ll still need to wait till January to get on the horn with the kid.

Reply to this email with YES…

…and if you’re in the top 3…we’ll book a call with you and the Tech Nerd in January. 

Vince Gabriele 

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